Our Vision: What we do and why we do it

Our vision is to be a network of missional churches, faithfully and radically carrying out the Great Commission, in our church, community, and the world!

We want to bring life back to the desert. We do this by supporting the local churches within our mission network. We offer training to churches, volunteer support to the various church mission opportunities (outreach activities), financial support when there is a need, and much more.

We also partner with other organizations here in Arizona, in the United States, and across the world. We love to partner with other Southern Baptist associations, as well as the Arizona Southern Baptist Convention. To help make in impact in the United States, Canada, and Mexico we partner with the North American Mission Board. And to make a global impact in countries all over the world we partner with the International Mission Board.

Besides the Cooperative Program, some other ways we partner with the North American Mission Board and the International Mission Board is by supporting their special offerings like the Annie Armstrong Easter Offering (a yearly offering taken around Easter to help support missionaries in North America) and the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering (a yearly offering taken around Christmas to support missionaries all across the world).

Contact us today to find out how you too can get involved with the River Valley Mission Network and our ministry partners.